DP Ruto’s Latest 2 Demands That Have Angered Kenyans

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Deputy President William Ruto’s latest remarks in which he outlined his agenda for the nation amid rising political temperatures generated by the Building Bridges Initiative debate has sent tongues wagging with Kenyans taking to social media to respond.

Taking to social media on Saturday evening, the DP slammed the pro-BBI brigade lead by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga stating that the “threats, blackmail, intimidation and insults, which we (Ruto’s team) have been treated to for the last two years is the language of tyrants, despots and dictatorships”.

“Tribe has been hijacked by tribal lords/chiefs to benefit themselves and their families to the detriment of Hustlers and their children. And ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The HUSTLERS, as a minimum, want a NEW conversation about JOBS for the ordinary.

“We want a discourse on real JOBS for millions of Kenyans NOT four or five positions for tribal chiefs. JOBS for ordinary citizens. How MANY JOBS?, in which SECTORS? and WHEN? is very URGENT. Positions can wait.” Wrote Ruto.

Kenyans responded swiftly with many putting him to task and pointing out that after more than 8 years in power, Ruto has suddenly realized that Kenyans are poor and deserve jobs at the end of jubilee reign.

The tackles came in thick and fast with many pointing out that the DP is not the right person to talk about creating jobs for millions of jobless youth, having been the second in command for more than 8 years and having promised to create jobs since 2013 with nothing to show for it.

“You are telling us what you told us in 2013. Bring something new.. you are petty and obsolete. Find something else to keep you busy rather than facebooking telling us nothing,” fired Felix Aremo.

“I feel sorry for this nation.. Is this the deputy president who promised jobs to the Kenyan people giving more promises ....ohhh my. We need all these now that you are in government,” quipped Job Nduri.

Adow Mohamed challenged Ruto to come clean on his intentions instead of writing: “Sometimes it’s fair to say “Guys I JUST want to be President. Please help me get there.” Creating jobs blah blah from Deputy President serving his second term in Kenya’s 2nd most powerful office, is to say the least, very annoying”.

Tell us what you have done to youths & Kenya as large since 2013.. A you the same one who cheat Kenyans that Jubilee government will build stadiums??Now you have become a father of condemnation na kujiona msafi..Kenyans already know your reputation. Slammed Dan Dan.

Others found it amusing that the DP who has been referring to his perceived opponents in derogatory terms is now demanding for decent conversations.

“Look who is talking. Do you listen to the language you use when campaigning out there !! Mara mchawi, mganga, sijui nini...are those words from a leader who wants decent conversation !!! Jeeez”. Wrote Regina Mwikali.

"It's laughable to hear you calling for a decent conversation, something that you have been against since 2018. You remember HANDSHAKE? That was the most decent conversation ever for this Country but you chose to walk your own way. When others called for Unity, you ignored them, after they succeeded, you came up with another divisive manner, more divisive than tribalism itself is Hustler vs Dynasties." wrote another netizen.

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