Mike Sonko’s Piece of Advice to Youths Looking to Make Quick and Easy Cash

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Governor and slay King Mike Sonko isn’t all about jokes when it comes to the youths! For some reason, he happens to be the only member of parliament with good intentions towards the young generation.

As seen on his latest post shared on his social media pages; Mike Sonko went on to urge the youths to start from the ground up – instead of jumping into quick sweet deals!

 His post comes just a few weeks after one Kevin was said to have been murdered over money related issues. From the stories making rounds on social media, the guy is said to have been involved in an easy money making deal; however he did not live long enough to enjoy his money.

 Sonko’s message
Addressing this burning matter that has left many youths cashing easy money. Mike Sonko went on to post;

Let me share this…To our young men, under 30. Look my dear brothers fortunes and success in life are results of hardwork. If you by any chance angukia and become rich you have cheated in life, and most definitely you will fall back to zero. The best diamond passes through hot fire.

He went on to add;

Hizi deals za usiku kucha and you start spinning Porsche Panamera which you can’t tell how you earned, will dig you an early grave. The sweetest success has a story. You start a business, tried and failed, tried and failed, tried and failed and so on and so on until business teaches you enough money lessons.

Life has no short cut
To pass his message across, Mike Sonko went on to remind his followers that nothing in life comes easy; nor does it miraculously fall down from heaven.

For one to be successful, there must be hard work. The governor went on to add;

Life has no short cut, that’s why our fathers drove cars at 40s and 50s. Life experiences has no short cuts, that why it took our fathers years to finish the house we were brought up in.

Marriage has no shortcuts, you have to face challenges, you build it up through those challenges.

Nothing is easy to earn, and if you woke up a millionaire, just know you will not overstay on top. This wash wash businesses will give you a one hit wonder, or make you a one minute millionaire. And we can tell with the excitement you have, you are not built to last.

I have been approached many times, oooh bro with your brains you can do very well. Oooh, you just need to dress smart and nail a deal and walk out a rich man. Oooh, I will give you a good car bora deal iivane, nonsense let me work hard for my money. Let me cry when I fail, let me scratch the ground hard enough.

If God wants that for me, acha niangukie kaproject kapesa mzuri, that one I will have worked hard through my experience. Lakini hii, tupatane B club nikuonyeshane kwa mabig fish, you are wasting your time, I am not coming.

Think twice
There two things to understand in this businesses, one you can’t cheat on big fish, and if you do they will not have a second thought pulling that trigger.

Two, you can’t outsmart them, you can’t tell of their secret businesses, they watch your life more than your mother watches you. What a life you have money but nowhere to spend because you are being watched. If not by them, the DCI is tracing your steps.

Vijana acheni haraka yakuwa mabudesko, your time will come.

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