Ruth Matete Opens up About Betrayal From Popular Pastors and Close Friends After Husband’s Death!

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Pastor Ruth Matete’s 2020 must have been the worst year she ever lived! This is because she not only lost her husband but went through rejection and betrayal from people she thought would stand with her during the time time.

Howverr thanks to a few posts shared on her social media pages; Ms Ruth went on to expose these ‘friends’ asking them not to fake a relationship when they already abandoned her.

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The soon to be mother claims that some of the pastors who served with her; not only accused her of being guilty of killing husband; but some were certain that she had a hand in his death.

 No fake zone

She went on to throw shade at these so called fans leaving ‘heart felt’ comments on her posts now that she is back on social media.

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Howver according to Ruth, it is not her place to entertain hypocrisy; and this is why she prefers keeping it real with her former friends who she served in the ministry with. Through her social media pages the pastor wrote;

To conclude her long post; Ruth went on to distance herself from the fake friends and religion; now that she experienced judgement from those she thought would stand with her.

But also as much as it may have hurt her, Ruth now knows that human beings are capable of anything just to look righteous; but the good thing is that her family held her hand all through!

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