The BIGGEST threat to Raila Odinga in 2022 is NOT William Ruto, It’s RATS inside ODM called GOVERNORS

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The BIGGEST threat to Raila Odinga in 2022, is NOT William Ruto.NO! It’s the RATS inside ODM called GOVERNORS.

These rats are eating the SHIP from within, hoping to sink it, then jump out either to retirement or something better and personal.

Knowingly or unknowingly, these rats have worked so so so hard to prove –beyond academic doubt–that ODM is up to nothing but misery and can not offer any impactful leadership. They are hellbent on turning Chungwa Moja, Maisha Bora into a HELLS GATE to rot and grime.

Let me reduce this conversation to a KINDERGARTEN LEVEL.

How many JOBS have these governors CREATED since 2013 or even since Handshake? And how long do they want locals to be patient with them?

TEN years down the line, they are still pranking!

Whereas Raila is fighting on the national level, these governors are like those crooks who stole nails, wood, and ropes when Noah was busy building the ark. Taking Noah ages to finish the job.

The problem here is these rats are hiding behind the regular misdiagnosis of the whole problem as purely political, to further rob youths of their future. In the end, they are creating a very fertile ground for vote fishing in ODM strongholds, especially among the youths–a reality that only fools will ignore.

In South Africa, Mandela and his ANC thought the problem was ONLY political. They ignored the ECONOMIC aspect. Whereas it’s been using the black card to successfully ward off White-dominated Democratic Alliance, today, 26 years later, EFF has arrived to haunt their original dream. The disappointment in blacks is swelling EFF rapidly more than any other party in Africa. In 2014, they ate 25 MPs from ANC, and in 2019 they ate another 19 to make it 44 MPs. It got 1MLN votes in 2014, then 1.8 MILLION votes in 2019. In 2024, EFF is expected to have 90 plus MPs. All eaten from ANC.

Going forward:

Raila should sermon all these governors in his party and those who support him, the way a no-nonsense Headmaster would sermon silly teachers, and immediately demand for

1. A list of ALL new JOBS they created so far

2. List of those employed and

3. Their verifiable contacts.

Long before devolution, we could say the govt had disadvantaged Raila’s supporters. But now we have governors, our own governors running govt’s in our own villages, what more excuse do they have for not putting all these youthful hands at work? What more excuse do they have for not tapping investors and launching INDUSTRIES?

In Tanzania, the duty of CCM civil servants(party officials) is to ensure it’s elected and govt officials adhere to the CCM manifesto and code of conduct. It’s called ILANI YA UCHAGUZI. When CCM leader(President or Minister) visits say a district, the CCM district chair must stand-up and give a status report on achieved aspects of ILANI YA UCHAGUZI and the remainder.

Otherwise, if we keep asking the wrong questions; the answers should never worry us

Let me finish by asking

1. Are you a Kisii, how many new industries did Ongwae bring/create/open in the last 8 years, and how many new jobs has he created so far?

2. Let’s take Busia, how many jobs has Ojamoong created.

3. Joho, how many industries has he created since Handshake and how many new jobs has he created so far?

4. Mbadi as ODM chairman from HBC, what does he discuss with Gov Awiti? Why is he not demanding a list of new JOBs created and Industries added from the Governor!

You can add the rest, and tell us better!

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