EXPOSED: The few angry, bitter Kikuyus supporting William Ruto are suicidal

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There’s a group among the Kikuyu called the loyalists. They were different from the home guards. The homeguards got direct benefits from the colonial government. The loyalists not so much. The loyalists got the colonial wages of being Kikuyu: their kids went to school, and at independence, they got employed. But they did not become welathy, and in fact, many were thrown under the bus.

We have to understand this streak of Kikuyu politics which is never talked about, because it explains this division between the hustlers and the dynasty. Loyalists are those who got some crumbs from the homeguards sitting at the colonial table. They are the house negroes of Kenya, thinking that when Tekayo is sick, they are also sick.

These are the angry Kikuyus now supporting the hustler. They are angry that Tekayo has pulled the rug from under their feet. He has screwed the economy, even for them. They are supposed to be uthamakistan, the more “civilized” Kenyans, doing okay economically and hating the Odingas. They swore to that in 1969

So this support for the hustler is not a departure from uthamakistan thinking, in this way:

1. Loyalist uthmakistanis are bitter that the economy is not working for them. It didn’t work most Kenyans, but uthamakistanis were special. They still think they are.

2. They still hate the Odingas, as they swore to do in 1969.

The mental disorder in all this, is that they don’t see that there’s something fundamentally twisted about voting THREE times (2013 and 2017) for two suspects of crimes against humanity, including against their own relatives. There is also something twisted about picking sides when the two suspects now divorce. But let me explain the disorder.

It goes back to no 1. Uthamakistanis think they are special. Supremacist thinking is a disorder that makes people suicidal. Look at white folk in the US who would rather die from no medicine than see blacks and other minorities benefit from universal healthcare. The same thing is happening here. Some Kikuyus would rather die than Kenya have a president that is not chosen either by riding in wheelbarrows or by swearing oaths in Bondo.

So, I’m urging Kenyans not to follow either camp. Two years is a long time, and by 2022, it is likely that the uthamakistan vote will reunite under one candidate. Remember, it’s supremacist thinking at work here. These guys will unite to save their fake superiority, even if it kills them doing so. Superiority makes people suicidal.

Yet Kenya is at a wonderful place now. We have several viable candidates for the presidency thanks to the exposure we got from county leadership through the new constitution. I want to mention four men, but I wont because I want to reduce the bot party in my comments. But three are from Ukambani and one from Western. Isnt that awesome? We have choices!

But because most of us, Kikuyu or not, believe that Kikuyus must determine who is president, we have accepted the internal uthamakistan conversation of wheelbarrows vs oaths. Yet, even the mathematics should indicate that Kikuyus are not numerically enough to determine the president. But you believe it anyway because everyone from New York Times to Godec to Mutahi Ngunyi has told you so.

Personally, I have no hope that Kenyans will see this point. Supremacist thinking is in the hearts of many Kenyans, Kikuyu or not. The Kenyans who accepted a racist CBC curriculum because they believe some Kenyans are not “gifted,” cannot suddenly spot the supremacist thinking in uthamakistan politics.

So me, I’m just going to sip hot masala tea and watch how this thing will descend into chaos. I’m not going to try to persuade you to consider a third option. I saw you sacrifice your kids to the devil with CBC. My expectations of you Kenyans are not very high. You would rather die than give up the approval of white folk and their Kikuyu house slaves. Your media says that every day, and so do you when you take your kids to the slaughterhouse called school without saying a word.

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