I used to earn Sh3, 000 at Ghetto Radio, they would even forget to pay me – MBUSI narrates his struggle

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Thursday, 29 October 2020 -Radio Jambo presenter, Mbusi, has narrated how he struggled in life before doors opened.

Before Mbusi moved to Radio Jambo where he hosts a popular show with Lion, he was working at Ghetto Radio.

The street smart radio presenter revealed that his first salary at Ghetto Radio that is owned by former musician, Maji Maji, was Sh3, 000.

Mbusi revealed that he was once a messenger at the station and he was being paid peanuts.

“Back in the day, I would do traffic updates on Ghetto radio. But at some point that segment was not doing so well and so I was made a messenger. Nilikua natumwa vitu kama sigara, letters among other things.

“I then became a messenger in the office for two and a half years. I was being paid Sh3, 000 per month. They would even forget to pay me. I had to remind them, “Mbusi, a father of three, said.

Mbusi said when he was a messenger, one of the producers would sneak him in the studio and teach him a few things about radio.

“As a messenger, a certain producer at the time would sneak me in and teach me a few things. Apart from being a messenger, I used to clean the studio. I made sure my cleaning time coincided with the time the studio was in use. As I did my cleaning, I watched how they did their stuff. When an opportunity arose, I was given a chance to host ‘Goteana’ and it became a hit,” he added.

Mbusi is currently among the highest radio presenters in Kenya.

According to reports, he earns around Ksh 600,000 per month

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