Kenyans Don’t Care if DP Ruto is Corrupt; They Are Tired And Accustomed to it

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A narrative about Ruto being corrupt has been propagated in the last 5 years by his opponents and people keen on stopping him. It may no longer work. Let me tell you why.

But before that, let’s take a flight to America. Donald Trump keeps lying shamelessly and bombards his political constituency with a lie after another. He has been faulted, admonished and even been called names by every major publication and news media for the fake news tag. He however doesn’t care and interestingly so, is his voter base that increases by the day.

On the other hand, if Biden merely cites a wrong statistic and proved fake, it becomes a major headline story and a debate line. The same is to Obama and many other men and women whose “moral pedestal” is considered high.

What am I saying? When a narrative is propagated over time, the audiences gets tired, gets accustomed to it and no longer care. This is made worse when the figure involved vehemently decries targeting, wrong profiling and a deliberate attack on him and his character to orchestrate a political agenda, further gaining sympathy in the process. The human mind is wired to effortlessly side with ‘the persecuted’, whether real or perceived.

Back to Ruto case. His opponents continue to mercilessly brand him with the corruption tag yet his numbers and support base keep soaring. Why? For the same reason as Trump’s. The audience is tired. The audience is so accustomed to the narrative that it hardly gives it too much thought. Watasema albeit silently, leteni kitu mpya. Hii tumezoea. We all saw #MyThiefmyChoice hashtag the other day. Didn’t we?

This is where the economics law of diminishing returns applies to politics. The law states: When increasing amounts of one factor of production are employed in production along with a fixed amount of some other production factor, after some point, the resulting increases in output of product become smaller and smaller.

When you do something too much, it reaches to its maximum potential and eventually becomes counter productive. Opponents of Ruto must change the “corruption tag” strategy if at all they are keen to stop him. They overmilked the “corrupt” tag way too early before the right time, and is already monotonous like the Merimela song.


Mwangi Khimani: The problem is not the corrupt politician, but the idiotic voter following them.

We are irredeemable..

Bob James Kioko: We rather deal with the bitter truth than conjure another useful lie to score cheap political capital. Ruto is unashamedly corrupt and that message must be drilled through concomitantly with attendant consequences of electing him President. For well meaning Kenyans who were around in the 80’s, they can narrate firsthand what corruption coupled with nuances of ethnicity can do to a country. Ruto must never get anywhere close to the presidency.

Victor Nyamweya Mosinto Bw’Ogega: The biggest problem with Ruto right now is advisors and foot soldiers, he does everything by himself.

Morgan Ochieng Dante: Senior, Ruto is walking the same path Raila has walked over the last 27 years

Mulamba Ijaika: They are not listening.They won’t listen.And that’s good.After all, why should you interrupt your opponent when he/she is making a costly mistake?

Ben Maina: But the same has been the case about Raila. He has been branded as lord of poverty,he has been associated with violence as the tool he uses to ascend to presidency. Me thinks Ruto is the new Raila

Riako Ochieng: My 2 questions are… What change will DP Ruto bring that he has not brought in 5years in proper power? Isn’t choosing a Ruto Presidency the same thing as a Jubilee Presidency? As in are they not in the same WhatsApp group? All of them? Fmr. PM Raila, DP Ruto and Pres. Kenyatta?

Claytone Omondi Okeyo: What parameter did you use to gauge the increasing number of ruto supporters?please share with us so that we can put your opinion on context.

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