Pastor Migwi: Guardian Angel Will Soon Regret Wasting His Time Dating A 50-Year Old

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Popular gospel artist Guardian Angel is under fresh criticism after famous marriage counsellor, Pastor Migwi, took a swipe at his relationship. Guardian Angel is currently dating fellow artist, Esther Musila, who is 50 years old.

Migwi claims that the age gap between the two is too large and not idealistic. He claims that even though the Bible does not have clear cut rules on age gaps in marriage, the gospel musician should have sought for a younger spouse.

The Bible doesn’t talk about age and anyone is free to do whatever but as a counsellor,  I can see his tomorrow. What comes to my mind is he in there for money. He’s marrying money and that is very wrong. He is a very young man he should go for his agemates than a rich older woman  who wIll make him regret later.  A good wife comes from the Lord (Proverbs 31).’

Guardian has been accused before for dating the mother of three because of her riches. Pastor Migwi echoed the concerns by Kenyans and warned the Nadeka hitmaker to go for his agemates than a old richer woman.

‘Guardian will in future regret for wasting his time on such a relationship. Ni sahii tuu anasema ni love, hakuna love hapo. Because of tomorrow I can’t advise him to continue with that relationship. Hata afadhali apate msichana wanatoshana age ama mwenye anampita an 2 to 3 years. Hiyo ya Esther ni mingi sana.

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