Tabia Mbaya? Diana Marua Caught on Camera LIVE Grinding on Husband, Bahati

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Diana Marua and husband have been entertaining us for a while now; and for some reason many remain thankful that Bahati actually quit making gospel music. Probably this is because you cannot preach water and drink wine at the same!

Anyway the former gospel singer has now become a source of entertainment thanks to his YouTube show that allows fans to keep up with his family.


Apart from the fancy life they live; the Bahati’s have proven to be good at acting and this could be seen pretty well during their latest YouTube episode.


Away from that, Bahati recently shared an interesting photo where his wife is seen grinding on him. From his facial reaction, it’s evident to see that he liked the game his wife was playing with him; but for a gospel artist, this attracted bashing comments from fans.

Although Bahati and his wife do this to keep their income coming; some of the comments left on this post prove that he may have also contributed to some of his followers backsliding.

This is because for a long time he ‘played’ the good boy card; only for the real him to come out later. But come to think of it, he is as human as his fans – so there is no fault in the guy living life to the fullest. Right?

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