Tables turn as Nick Mutuma’s victim of sexual violence comes to his defense

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A victim of Nick Mutuma’s sexual abuse has shocked many after coming out to defend the Shuga actor for his past doings.

One Mwangi Rachel had been forced to silence by the popular actor and singer after a sexual harassment incident by Nick back in 2016.

Reports that her boyfriend laid out in public in November 2017, exposing the film star for never taking a ‘no’ from the lass and even following her to her car, sexually assaulting her.

According to Koome Gitobu, Rachel’s then-boyfriend, Nick had tried to force himself on the lass, who could not speak out because of his influence in the industry.

Allegations that the actor rubbished as force. The seat now gets hotter as the lass decides to defend her perpetrator.

Tables turn

Well, in her recent tweet over the weekend, the same Mwangi Rachel spoke for the first time about the incidence of violence, instead defending the perpetrator and asking the public to stay off the case.

“This is something I thought I had put behind me. This has been a very private and personal issue for my family and I,” tweeted Rachel.

According to her, the issue between her and the thespian had been amicably and privately resolved in 2017 and masses had no right to bring it up again, nor pin him down.

In her contradictory post, she clarified that no victim of sexual abuse should be silenced but stated “I hate to see people using the issue to tear Nick down.”

A series of tweets that have raised eyebrows and questions regards the alleged victim of sexual abuse and her reason to defend her perpetrator.

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