Daddy’s girl! Tiffah breaks down shortly after arriving in SA, demands to see her papa (Video)

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Tiffah and brother Nillan left Tanzanian this past weekend; but little did Miss Zari’s Hassan know that her daughter would ask for her papa; barely 24 hours after moving back to their home in South Africa.

As seen on a video shared by mama Danagote, we now have every reason to believe that Tiffah is a daddy’s girl; and the bond between her and Diamond Platnumz remains unfulfilled due to the distance.

Apparently Tiffah woke up late at night and all she could think of is her dad. In the video shared on mama Dangote’s page, Tiffah is heard demanding for her papa; and just when many thought this was scripted the young girl broke down into tears making this serious.

This was however expected judging from the strong bond between Tiffah and her father not forgetting mama Dangote who ‘glues’ them together.

In the past few days we have watched Tiffah and her papa dominate Tanzania to a point of living Bongo journalists looking for words during the random paparazzi interviews. However looking at the video of Tiffah asking for her papa proves that parents sometimes contribute to ruining their kids peace by ‘co parenting.’

Anyway check out the video below courtesy of Mama Dangote;

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