Dear Zari, we haven’t forgotten King Bae and all your drama

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Zari has come a long way from being Ivan Ssemwanga’s wife to being with Diamond Platnumz as his common-law wife to being a single mother after he left her and moved on with her life to her treating us to her nonsense “relationships” and social media stunts including her dalliance with King Bae.

Zari Hassan comes clean about baby daddy allegedly kicking her out of the South African mansion

For quite a few years, we were treated to a lot of information about King bae and the ways in which he was better than Diamond Platnumz and we had to endure the obvious lies. For some reason, East African women with the exception of women who in Tanzania (who knew they would be the intelligent ones in all this?) fell for the King Bae nonsense hook, line and sinker.

We had women who had been aggrieved by their partners living vicariously through Zari while others actually called it quits in their own relationships because Zari had set the tone and proven they too could move on and find a high value, high networth individual who would be more than willing to sign themselves up for the bullshit that is taking care of another man’s children. And this is something a lot of women are in pain over.

Zari was the one who sold a lie to the point of even faking a wedding with King Bae only for him to cheekily slink into the shadows when it was convenient and now that she is in Tanzania, the truth has come out and guess what? There never really was any wedding. Duh! Only desperate single mothers and divorcees believed her anyway.

I get it that Zari was under immense pressure to look like a successful woman and in truth, that also means having a happy family and sated man as well as having a thriving business but take a second to ask yourself who put that level of pressure on her and you will see the culprit is herself. Sitting in the shadows and chiding her into getting into a competition with Diamond Platnumz.

The prayer at this point is for her to be over and done with that phase of her life. The prayer is for her to finally have found peace with the fact that her best bet is to be a second or third wife and realize that she cannot compete with diamond Platnumz who is at the apex of his money, looks and status. He has won. If not for that reason then because we are tired of the nonsense lies. Tanzanians were ruthless when they realized she had been lying about her physique. That was simply a symptom of them being worn out with her King Bae bullshit.

We are now too old for this nonsense and hopefully, Zari is too.

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