“Likila Dem Lazma Litangaze” Harmonize Throws Serious Vicious Shade at Former Boss, Diamond Platnumz

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Harmonize is back to making headlines after weeks of maintaining his silence; and for a minute, we all assumed that his career was over. Truthfully speaking, Harmonizes career has been heading south ever since he left WCB and what is left is nothing but his name and image.

However it appears that Harmonize will not be going down so easily. This is after he recently released a new banger where he not only delivers like before; but takes a savage swipe at former boss, Diamond Platnumz.

Well, not such a smart idea but in the music business one has to be smart enough to understand that fans in East African region enjoy drama! And thanks to the new song team Diamond and team Harmonize now have a reason to beef on social media; a move that will help boost Konde boys numbers.

However, come to think of it this appears to be more of a personal beef than business. This is after Harmonize went on to diss Diamond Platnumz for always publicizing all the women he has ‘eaten.’  In that verse he is heard saying;

Likila demu lazma litangaze

Why believe this song was directed at Simba is because Harmonize went on feature a look alike who resembles Mondi as seen in the video shared below.

This is not the first time Harmonize has used such a move on his former boss; but every time it backfires since Diamond prefers maintaining his silence.

Not quite sure how this will benefit Harmonize in terms of numbers; but I wish he could have waited for Zari to first leave Tanzania before releasing the banger. Anyway have a look at the video below.

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