Playboy Msizwa replaces Esma Platnumz with new classy baby after she walked out on him (Photos)

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Word making rounds is that Msizwa and Esma Platnumz will not be getting back together after calling off their union. The two love birds who got married in a hurry fearing baby daddy , Petitman would stop the wedding from happening a few months ago.

The wedding hich went down in a private ceremony saw those close to Esma and Msizwa attend; however Diamond Platnumz and mother, mama Dangote opted to stay away out of respect for Petitman who has been Esma’s longterm boyfriend.

With such things happening, fans were sure that Esma’s marriage to Msizwa would not last; and in less than 7 months after the wedding – rumor now has it that they parted ways.

Esma’s abortion

According to the rumors, Esma left while 5month pregnant with Msizwa’s baby; but later on allegedly suffered a miscarriage. Others however feel that Esma might have undergone an abortion as she is known to do such; I mean didn’t she do the same with Petitman?

Anyway husband Msizwa joined in the mourning of his child in a post belived to have been aimed at Esma Platnumz.

Moving on

Now that he is a husband of two wives, Msizwa has also decided to up his game by replacing 3rd wife with a new sleek ride. The shade. But oh well, what would we do without the Dangote’s drama on social media?

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