Proof That Diamond Platnumz Cropped Out Son, Nillan Out of His Photo With Princes Tiffah (Photo)

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Diamond Platnumz is surrounded by nothing but controversy. Apart from his sisters making headlines for the wrong reasons; Platnumz has found himself looking like a bad dad despite having his kids in Tanzania a week ago.

Apparently word making rounds on social media is that the Nillan’s paternity story still remains fresh; as a few in the family feel that he might not be Simba’s son.

This can easily be seen in the posts shared by Simba himself, Juma Lokole and Mama Dangote who seem to prefer prince Tiffah over the prince.

Tiffah with daddy

A photo shared by Diamond Platumnz on his timeline has fueled the rumors as fans recently came to learn that he cropped out Nillan out of his photo with Tiffah. Could be that his shot carrying Tiffah better without Nillan in it; or just maybe, there could be more to this.

Tiffah and baby Naseeb Junior

Since we all know that Mama Dangote calls the shots when it comes to Diamond Platnumz family; many believe that she somehow feels that Naseeb Junior and Tiffah Dangote are her only legit grandchildren. This is because these two look everything like their papa; while Nillan and Dylan don’t look so much like their dad.

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Proof that Diamond cropped out Nillan

We can however not confirm how true this is but what we know is that the singer did crop Nillan out of his photo; but oh well, it is life!

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