Strange details of Wema Sepetu’s and Diamond Platnumz’ secret blood covenant emerge

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Love can make someone do crazy things. Some have ditched their families for love, others have given up their careers, others have even made creepy vows…the list is just endless.

It is not until the story hits closer home you realize that the things love can make one do, can go overboard sometimes.


A case in hand is one between petite Tanzanian actress, Wema Sepetu and her ex, Diamond Platnumz.



Wema stands in history as the first public girlfriend the Bongo artist ever introduced and fell in love with back in 2012 up until 2014 when their affair crumbled.

However, what went on between them during the 2 years have now come out as strange revelations.


In a recent interview with Tanzanian media, Wema Sepetu admitted Diamond is a man she would treat like her own baby.

He was so delicate, needed so much care and love which Wema Sepetu readily offered.

“Ni mwanaume ambaye anapenda sana mapenzi. He was my baby, totally,” she spilled.

Ex-lovers, Sepetu and Diamond

Before the big revelation of their strange love covenant that left her interviewers shaken.

“Mimi na Diamond tumewai kufanya kiapo tu cha damu. Ametoboa kidole chake nami nikatoboa changu basi tukaviunganisha. Mie nikanyonya cha kwake, ye akanyonya cha kwangu,” she attests.

The journalists go ahead to question the former Miss Tanzania 2006 whether she does not think this is why their individual relationships do not seem to be working.

To which she admitted she does not quite know.

 A love that must have been indeed one of a kind if it got the two of them to the extent of making blood covenants which is no child’s play.

Wema Sepetu however revealed she is dating, a man whose identity she keeps secret but described him as a beautiful soul and happy to be with.


Meanwhile, Diamond Platnumz is busy having the time of his life with ex-wife, Zari Hassan and their two children in Tanzania, after 2 years of being apart.

There you have it!

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