True strength: Mom explains how her baby who was born at 24 weeks fought to live

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Going through birth complications is one of the hardest things young mothers can be faced with. A young mother whose child was born prematurely knows exactly how difficult it is to watch your little one struggle after spending so many months protecting them in your belly.

Refilwe Emily Setshedi recently took to Facebook's ImStaying to share in detail how her little baby was born at only 24 weeks, leaving many doctors doubtful that she would live to more than a few weeks.

"Many doctors told me that she would never be normal or live, the list was endless. Her tiny body wasn't fully developed. When I first saw her, she could fit inside my hands with a tiny heartbeat because God was still creating her.

"I was heartbroken and torn apart, Prayer was my weapon. Kaylah was born at 24 weeks and 2 days, weighing 795 grams due to PPROM. She was a micro premature."

She then explained how despite popular belief, the little one started gaining weight and growing gradually. After a few months of intensive care and a lot of prayers, little Kaye and her mommy were able to go home together.

The stressed-out mom said in the heartbreaking post:

"She dropped to 700 when she was infected with Klebsiella pneumoniae. She recovered and was isolated for three months until we were discharged, weighing only 1.56 kg. it was such a huge milestone for us.

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She thanked the hospital staff for all their support and hard work helping the little one grow and become healthy again.

Social media users joined in on thanking the nurses and doctors. They also shared messages of support with the young mommy and her baby.

In other news, a woman who gave birth while in a medically induced coma finally got to take her newborn daughter home.

The three-week-old baby had been in NICU since she was born prematurely at 33 weeks.

Posting on her Instagram page, the respiratory therapist identified as Angela Primachenko shared a video of her two daughters spending time together.

In the video, her 11-year-old daughter is seen caressing her sister with a huge smile plastered on her face.

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