Zari Hassan Cruelly Trolled by Tanzanians Over Massive Weight That Has Left her Looking Like Diamond Platnumz aunty

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Zari Hassan might have gained weight but I think we should blame it on the lockdown that saw many people around the world let their bodies go; mostly because there was no freedom of movement due to the social distancing.

Judging by Zari’s current look, it’s only fair to assume that she may have also slacked in terms of keeping fit; and now that she is finally 40 years – I mean, why not enjoy the moment before she decides to get her sexy back!


Zari’s body weight

Tanzanians on the other hand could not let the fact that Zari added weight slide so easily! As seen on social media, most have not only bodyshamed Zari but also trolled her for allegedly looking older.


New Zari?

Although zari’s current body weight appears impossible to work on; all I know is that the boss lady goes hard when it comes to taking care of her body and probably by the time she gets back to SA, the socialite will not only have figured a way to bounce back

Probably by liposuction if not the gym since this seems to be the easiest way to shed off weight; and after seeing Risper Faith snap back so fast – then why not?

However judging from how weve seen Zari move; I bet she prefers hitting the gym!

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