Ameangukia: Meet The Hot Lady Caught on Camera Locking Lips With Eric Omondi, A True African Beauty (Photos)

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Eric Omondi is looking for a wife; but I think the search is over especially after his video kissing Bandbeca’s Carol who is a stunning beauty. Well for years many continue to confuse between Beca and Carol but thanks to Eric Omondi we can tell who is who.


Well, Eric and his team are currently in Mombasa where they are shooting another episode of Wife material; but after the chemistry between Eric and Carol – I guess we all know who the wife is.

Anyway for the longest time Eric as been spotted in the company of petite ladies; i.e Jacque Maribe (before baby was born) and the lovely Chantal Grazioli who parted ways with the comedian about a year ago.

Looking at Carol’s photos it’s evident that she is a perfect fit for the fella; who is currently on most ladies radar now that he has a puffed up body; strong enough to handle BBWs.

Carol the hottie

Apart from her sultry voice that keeps many entertained; Carol has a body of a goddess and she happens to know how to dress it too. Unlike the other ladies we have seen hang around Eric, this particular one seems loveable and fun to hangout with; which explains why Eric couldn’t resist the kiss.

Below are a few photos of the lass that has left many women especially Eric’s exes dying of envy in silence.

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