DIAMOND’s sister speaks after photos of their dad boarding a matatu carrying a gunia went viral.

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Recently, photos of Diamond’s father, Mzee Abdul Juma, boarding a matatu while carrying a sack went viral and left Netizens with mixed reactions.

Some people condemned Diamond for neglecting his father despite being one of the richest artists in Africa.

Besides making a killing from music, Diamond has invested in a hotel, media and real estate.

But despite swimming in millions and living a high end life, his father lives a dog’s life.

Diamond’s sister, Queen Darleen, was contacted by leading Tanzanian news outlet Global Publishers to comment on the photos that went viral.

When contacted, Queen Darleen rudely answered, “Don’t you have a father? Stop minding other people’s business,” and then hang up the phone.

Diamond’s manager, Mkubwa Fella, also refused to comment on the photos and said it’s a family issue.

“I’ve seen the photos but I cannot comment on the matter because it’s a family issue. Look for Diamond as he’s the one who can respond to your inquisitions,” he said.

Diamond has always had a rocky relationship with his father.

His father abandoned them when he was six years old.

He has been raised singlehandedly by his mother.

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