Exekiel Mutua represents everything Kenyan youth dislike about the Government of Kenya

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One word that best describes Ezekiel Mutua is “hypocrite”. He is everything that Kenyans believe to be wrong in our political class and especially with the Government of Kenya. You see, for the longest time, Kenyan youth have been indoctrinated into the belief that they are on their own.

“In a few years, you will be ashamed of your actions,” Ezekiel Mutua cautions Eric Omondi

There is no government assistance in a shithole country like Kenya and our grandparents realized this. After that, they taught our parents this reality and the generation after them, our elder siblings and younger uncles also learnt this and past on the wisdom to us. As a result, Kenyans no that nobody is coming to save them. It is up to us to create economically viable activities for ourselves.

Granted, sometimes the youth do not take to legal economic activities to provide for themselves but that can be expected in a country where there is no real societal welfare program that takes care of the less privileged. So when I hear Ezekiel Mutua go after Kenyan artists who could have gone into the dark path of less savoury and illegal economic activities, I cannot help but wrech in disgust over the nausea-inducing vacuous utterances he makes.

You see, Ezekiel Mutua has been appointed the morality police and rather than talk about real issues that affect Kenyans such as the theft of money meant to buy Covid19 kits or PPE kits for our doctors and nurses. Instead of talking about the rampant, runaway corruption, this great man who champions the cause of keeping us morally in check decided to talk about Gengeton artists and Eric Omondi.

I will not stand on some soap box and try to defend Gengeton. It is a genre of music that celebrates the type of fun that is easily accessible to Kenyan youth -sex. The lyrics are raunchy and often celebrate the sexual prowess of the artists and what they have gotten up to with someone’s girlfriend. It is an art form that celebrates debauchery too. Drinking and partying. At the end of the day though, it must be said that this is the case because of how we as a society have been socialized. These kids clearly learned this funk from society.

Ezekiel Mutua has gone after low hanging fruit and that is something that stands true to his character. A couple of years ago, he was accused of stealing prizes journalists were meant to be given in a story I read on the Star. So it makes sense that rather than address real, tangible and quantifiable moral degradation such as corruption and theft, he would rather wag his finger and tongue at young Kenyans whom he perceives as being easy prey.

It is with this dark cloud looming over his past and calling into question his integrity that forms the backdrop of this pompous low IQ moral police calling out artists who have found a way to make a coin off their talents rather applying his mind into providing positive criticism that also guides the recipient towards constructive directions they can take. What are they supposed to do? Turn to making gospel music? Afew of them actually have and at the end of the day, gospel music is dead. What else would Ezekiel Mutua have them do? Lay down their artistry and go pick up knives and guns to become criminals? What about becoming bodaboda riders? You know that will please him because Wanjohi and his kith and kin are currently working at cornering that market.

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