Mejja Has Become Too Much, Perhaps it’s Time for Him to Restrategize

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I’m a huge fan of Major Nameye Khadija alias Mejja or Okwonkwo but I am starting to feel like he is becoming too much and as you are all aware, too much of something is bad.

No one is denying the fact that he is really talented. Actually, some people, myself included, even refer to him as the king of collabos. But the fact is that he is in too much supply.

Since the year began, Mejja has featured in a number of jams and to be honest if you asked me to mention all of them I am sure I can’t.

I’m not saying it is wrong to feature in many tracks but I just feel that if an artist is a good as Mejja is, then he or she should not just jump on any song that comes their way and increase their demand in turn.

The Niko Poa hitmaker is probably one of the best lyricists in Kenya at the moment. People often wonder how he has been able to maintain relevance for about two decades and the reason is that he has a rare gift.

And this explains why every artist wants to do a collabo with him. Since Utawezana went viral, local musicians feel like he the person you go to when you want to have a hit and that is indeed true.

To be honest, I feel it’s about time he started turning down artists because he has now become too much and I don’t mean that in a bad way.

Mejja has gotten to a point where you can almost predict what he is going to say in a song while holding his signature tumbler. As such, I feel it’s time for him to punch his brakes.

I feel that if he continues at the same pace i.e. jumping on every song that comes his way, it won’t take long before we get fed up/bored with him.

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