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I love and respect women a lot, but what my wife did its totally unacceptable, I had promised to love her and be by her side always, but I see that changing, even if you were the one your wife having did what  mine did I don’t think you will still be with her. 

My name is john a resident of kilimani, Kisumu western Kenya. For three years now I have been in  marriage with my lovely wife Grace for three years now, I would say she is a totally loyal wife and  respectful to our marriage and that has been one thing that has been keeping as together as much as our  marriage is concerned, as a husband I have been doing my best to make sure that she is always by my  side, no day and I can repeat no single day have I dared to cheat on her I swear, I do not understand why  she did what she did, I have heard of temptations but I never experienced any of that, if yes temptations  do exist I think that is what led to my wife cheating on me with my very own security guard. 

By then I was working as a manager at one of the largest companies in western Kenya, Coca-Cola industries Kisumu, I had everything talk about money and wealth totally everything was in my hand. And  I did provide anything she required from me, as a husband. I did gave her all the time she wanted or  opted, during weekends I would take her out have dinner and celebrate our marriage just two of us, I  really liked it because it gave me much time to get to understand my wife very well and enjoyed the fruits  of being in a marriage that is companionship, after a year in marriage something came up in my place of  work and I did get a transfer to Nairobi, since she was a teacher at a public school in the area of our  locality, I couldn’t move with her to Nairobi, getting a transfer in her area of profession was not easy, so I  moved solo to Nairobi and always made plans to jet back to Kisumu mostly during weekends to check on  her and make sure that our love was still the same, the conversation continued over the phone, from time  to time, I could call her and have a long conversation, as husband and wife, I did not want blames of not  giving her enough time.\, so I did my best. 

Due to security issues in our locality, I decided to employ a security guard, to guard my compound since  she was alone in our compound, a security guard that turned into and hyena and started to feast on my  wife. At first things were ok, a month later things started to change, the phone conversation abruptly  stopped, I never understood what was going on, when I travelled home on weekends, she would pretend  to be busy and gave me little time, from that time I started to realize that there was something fishy, One  day I sneaked back home in the night and hid myself under the bed, at around 10pm in the night, she did  welcomed a man in my house cooked for him and they did turn to bed, after a few minutes I heard her say “My husbands “kapedo” is so small I like yours”. I could not believe that, I angrily moved from the bed 

only to find them having naked in the act, I could not believe that, they ganged aganaist me and gave me a  thorough beating before taking off. I was left alone deep in pain, after a day and I had calmed I decided  to get assistance from kiwanga doctors who had helped me before, I picked their number and booked an  appointment. The following day I met doctor kiwanga and explained everything to him he did cast a spell  to bring my wife back, and one to punish the guy that took my wife, a few days later my wife came back  and apologized for what she did to me. a day later the man called me and apologized, his penis had  swollen and he knew I had done something, I forgave him and asked the doctor to heal him. Thanks to  kiwanga doctors I have my wife back and she’s loyal and loving. 

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