“My king I’m honored to be your eve in life” Vanessa Mdee pens beautiful message to American boyfriend, Rotimi

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After break up with Juma Jux, former singer Vanessa Mdee took a while before moving on. Jux on the other hand had a backup plan – but his relationship with his Asian lady did not last for 6 months.

Vanessa Mdee however somewhere along her single life managed to bump into American actor, Rotimi who swept her off her feet. Yes, just as unprepared as her fans – Vanessa Mdee did not see herself falling in love ever again; especially after the bitter breakup that left her heartbroken.

But it appears Cupid wasn’t either ready to give up on her and this is how she bagged Rotimi. The two love birds have so far been together for about a year; and thanks to Mdee’s message to Rotimi as he turns a year older – we now believe the two are meant for each other.

Vanessa Mdee’s birthday message to Rotimi

Celebrating Rotimi’s latest song that she featured on and the same time his birthday; Vanessa Mdee not only poured out her heart to her man – but confirmed that she may never look back now that her heart is settled.

Through her IG page the lass went on to jot a detailed post where she wrote;

( Link in bio ) Story time;what a difference a year makes, to think we were out GQing in Abu Dhabi last year and today we sit in our home and virtually connect with the world. My baby your heart is huge and in true Ro style on your birthday you continue to give, honored to be your eve in life and in this visual masterpiece.So everyone has in one way or another been affected by the pandemic 😷 . Some more than others but one thing is for sure we were forced into isolation. We were forced to sit still and either be away from family or joint at the hip. In our case we’ve spent every single day together and to say we’ve grown is an understatement.

Normal couple

Just like any other normal couple, Vanessa Mdee says her relationship with Rotimi has faced all challenges; but since love always wins, they have used these lessons to grow and build themselves.

In the long post Ms Mdee went on to add;

We have been pruned, plucked, groomed, cultivated, restored … it’s been a beautiful experience and personally this is our new normal and everyday in isolation with you sounds about perfect. Now I say this to say with every dark cloud ( COVID ) there’s a silver lining. We were sitting around having breakfast and we caught lightning in a bottle with #LoveSomebody there’s no other way to explain it. The inception of it was divine. GOD IS LOVE. LOVE IS GOD! This song represents that exactly and the world needs it desperately now. Happy birthday my King 👑 @rotimi

Well, fans would have loved to see her with Juma Jux; but hey, he couldn’t make her as happy as Rotimi does….so it is what it is!

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