My land that almost claimed my life.

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A family that lived in Taita Taveta county in Kenya in Mwatate constituency Mgange ward  which was one of the best in the area as far as unity and love is concerned. This was my family  that consisted of a father,mother and four children,three boys and one girl. Everyone could  admire to have been born in that family since it was a happy family ever. Our parent were able  and they had bought 30 acres of land alongside educating the four of us in International schools  in Nairobi Kenya. All we could need they were there to provide. They could always urge us to  love one another and care for each other since our unity was our strength. 

In a span of 20 years later, it was unfortunate that both of them had already succumbed to  cancer where my father died of throat cancer while my mom succumbed to breast cancer  which now left the four of us orphans with no one to show us what to do and when to do it. Everyone could do what he or she saw better in his or her eyes with no consultations  whatsoever. 

It was unfortunate that we ended up selling most of the properties that our parent left us with, and what had remained was the 30 acres piece of land. My brothers were so willing to sell the  land but as the elder brother my principle was; we could touch all the other properties apart  from land. This is where very severe raggles emerged to an extent that we had to divide the  land and everyone go with his portion. My brothers sold out their portions and what remained  was just my portion which they joined hand to try and rob it from me again. 

To this extend i could not allow that to happen while i was alive, a situation which almost  claimed my life by my two brothers. We had to go court to try and solve the issue, whereby i  hired a lawyer to represent me in the court to get the justice that i deserved of my land not  being taken away. They also did the same and since they had some coins left after selling the  land, they bribed the judge who his greed ended up not giving the right judgement and there i  could not get justice again despite spending a lot. 

I tried all i could to get justice since the brothers were a threat to me and so I was not able to  stand by my own and use force to secure my property. I even got into depression not knowing 

what to do next in my life. But thank God one day as i was just walking around our small centre  in Mgange i came across a poster from Kiwanga doctors and since i had tried everything  without success, my conscience just encouraged me to try this last one. 

I contacted the doctor who directed me on how to meet him the next day. After meting him, he  gave me a lot of hope but still i could not believe in him following the discouragements i had  gone through. For him he told me within 5 days all shall be well, and to be sincere after 3 days i  was in peace since they had cooled down from the issue. Now after the 5 days both of my  brothers called me apologizing for what they had done to me over some 6 years after our  parent's death. They were now even willing to go and write an agreement in court that the land  was my legally acquired property what we did and from then i am in peace to date. Thanks so  much Kiwanga doctors, you restored my peace and joy for real. 

Kiwanga doctors also treats diabetes, different types of cancers, Asthma among others. They  also restore stolen items, bring back love in the family, and even protect ones propeties from  any harm. 

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