Popular Prophetess Giving Her Flock Sleepless Nights After Parading Sexy Legs In Shorts

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Reverend Lucy Natasha is not your ordinary preacher nor is she up tight with when it comes to spending money on her outfits.

So far we have spotted her wearing expensive outfits and at times she even balls on designer fits!

If you think I am wrong, then below is a photo of the prophetess rocking her Versace bathing robe that is estimated to coast $420.

Well, that’s a whooping Ksh 42,000 and if she can spend that on a bathroom robe; imagine how much her outfits for stepping out of the house cost.

Anyway, it is what it is and truth is reverend Lucy Natasha indeed has taste when it comes to her sense of style; and judging from how stylish her mum is – it’s evident that fruit did not fall far from the tree.

Well, away from this the minister of the word left members of church smitten after she stepped out in shorts.

Don’t get me wrong, the reverend did not step out in booty shorts; but normal short shorts that left her parading her well built legs.

Judging from the photos shared on her page, it appears that they may have been going for an outdoor event; hence forcing the Oracle to try out the shorts that have now caused a stir on her page.

Well, with such a cool minister of the word – i’m pretty sure a few youths here and there no longer find this line of work boring. I mean a whole preacher with shorts makes this sound pretty cool.

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