Risper Faith delivers hot swimsuit photos days after critics body shamed her big booty

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Former socialite Risper Faith has not been having it easy ever since revealing that she had liposuction to help shed off her unwanted body fat. For some reason, fans expected her to transform in a month, but looking at her photos; it’s clearly proving to be quite hard.

Having spent over Ksh 500,000 Kenyans on social media cannot help but ask Risper Faith for a refund; especially after the last post that left many trolling her weird looking big booty as seen on her page. Well, seeing that she turned off her comment section on this particular photo; one can only imagine the type of comments fans were dropping.


Anyway with all the mean comments, it appears that Risper Faith has decided to clap back by showing off her new curves in a swimsuit. Although she opted for a coverup, now that she is a mum – I bet all her critics will die of jealousy.


Bringing sexy back

From 106kgs, Risper might be around 70 to 80kg but judging from how tiny her small waist is; I bet the lady can’t help but look forward to the day she finally has a proportional figure.

Away from that, the mother of one recently shared several bikini photos where she is seen rocking a full blue swimsuit; which she paired with a scarf and a lovely summer hat. Apart from the flabby arms and big thighs… truth is, she now looks hotter than way before!

Checkout the new photos below.

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