Timmy Tdat debuts new mature haircut after shaving struggling dreadlocks (Photos)

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Rapper Timmy Tdat is loved by his fans and this can be on his social media platforms. Most adore him for his bad boy vibe and truth is, fans can’t get enough of what he has to offer online.

Well apart from his voice, lovable personality, and perhaps most importantly, his signature dreadlocks; it now appears that Timmy Tdat has debuted his most surprising cut yet on his Instagram: a completely almost bald look.


That’s right, the singer shaved off his beautiful locks to make for his new mature look. The new photos shared by popular gossip tabloid left many tongues wagging; as most fans could not believe how handsome Timmy is. Most ladies in the comment section went on to praise him for the neat and mature look that has left him looking yummy.

Finally ready to grown up?

Well, for an artist Timmy Tdat was in a position to rock the locs and still work with cooperates; but believe me you, he actually looks way much better.

Probably this is because the dyed locs always gave this weird ‘unclean’ vibe; not forgetting the many scandals that left him looking like a play boy. Anyway, when you look at the new shaved Timmy Tdat; and that one we known for years, believe it when i Say he looks really hot.

Below are just a few photos shared online to flaunt the new hair do

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