I caught my girlfriend stuck while having sex with my cousin.

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My worst fear was confirmed when I busted my wife and my cousin sleeping on our  matrimonial bed. That was the worst day of my life. My cousin had come to visit me since he  was on a months long leave. He was still unmarried and he was really excited that he was  coming to live with us for some few days. My wife did not also have a problem with his short  visit especially because they were good friends. Three days into my cousin's coming and my  house was filled with joy because I would meet him after work and we would have some beer  as we remembered our good old days as children. 

However, one evening, a week after he came, he made me regret for allowing him to come  over to my house. This is because I realized he had been seducing my wife and even went  ahead to sleep with her while I was at work. I found out when I borrowed his phone to use it as  a torch to look for my shoe under my bed. As I was busy looking for my shoes, a message from  my wife popped up and when I clicked on the message, I saw my wife sending him her boobs  and asking him whether he was missing them. At first, I was really confused on why she would  send my cousin such intimate photos. I sat down on the floor to digest what I had seen as I was  in utter shock. I could not believe they were both having an affair behind my back. I returned  my phone to my cousin and I went out to absorb the shock. I cried and I called my best friend  and narrated to him what had happened. 

He asked me to call Doctor Kiwanga so as to get a love spell from him. He sent me his number  and I called him on where I told him of how I suspected my wife of infidelity. He cast a spell  which would stick my wife to my cousin whenever they had intercourse. His spells worked  speedily because that night as I was coming from work, I found my wife and cousin in great pain.  They were screaming because they had been interlocked at their genitals. I scolded them for  betraying me and when Doctor Kiwanga unstuck them, I chased my cousin out of my house. I  later forgave my wife because she was still my woman.

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