“I was going to marry her for sure” Eric Omondi opens up about breakup with fiancé

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We still can’t tell what happened between Chantal and Eric Omondi for them to part ways. However what we do know is that Eric Omondi was the one dumped by Chantal Grazioli who rarely showed affection whenever with the comedian.

So far a lot has been said and published – but what I know is that Eric Omondi suffered a painful heartbreak but life had to move on. Speaking during a recent interview, the comedian opened up about his untimely breakup with Miss Chantal who was his fiancé.

According to Eric Omondi he had set his mind on marrying the lady; but as everybody knows, all things went south. In his interview it’s easy to tell that he was hurt by the breakup; but it was better to let go than hold on then eventually get hurt. He said;

I knew she was the one, I knew we were going to marry for sure. But things happened and this wasn’t to be. A relationship is a commitment, it needs sacrifices. You have to compromise a lot of things especially for someone like me and what I do. We tried our best I believe so, but maybe the efforts were just not enough.

Just friends

Although these two had the potential to become one of Kenya’s power couple; they also seem to have been some personal issues that led to their break up.

However Eric says that he is good friends with miss Chanty who is currently dating one, restaurateur Nicola Traldi. Speaking about their friendship, Eric said;

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Chantal and I are still friends we often talk. I wish her nothing but the best, she was amazing. I’m grateful for the moments we shared.

The two broke up in 2018 – 2 years after Eric had proposed to miss Chanty. They had however been dating for almost 5 years but as we all know; it didn’t work out as planned.

Eric however remains single as he tries to figure himself out.

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