If BBI fails, the biggest loser is Uhuru not Raila, it is his begotten legacy to Mt Kenya. Baba loses Nothing

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BBI is very strong, it will pass by mid morning come referendum day later this year. Ask yourself for whose benefit is BBI? of all the 44 tribes, which one stands to win with BBI? Kikuyus are getting more parliamentary slots via the BBI, which actually means that Kikuyus will forever guaranteed Prime Minister position given the fact they will hold majority in house! Why will KIKUYUS REJECT BBI ? because of Ruto? They can support Ruto and BBI at the same time… so my friend before you yap how Raila’s reggae will be stopped THINK THINK and THINK GOOD!

Ask yourself, in Rift Valley where BBI is likely to get the lowest support, why has senator Moi or Governor Isaac Ruto or even the Senate Majority leader Hon Samuel Poghsio NOT WRITTEN such letter to Uhuru? I put unto you point plank that Senator Irungu Kangata is talking to Kikuyus and he is playing politics, we know his eyes are on the ball – wants to be Governor Muranga County !

BBI is Uhuru’s begotten legacy to Mt Kenya people and to his family, he simply cannot let it slip.

If BBI fails the biggest loser is Uhuru not Raila !

BBI ‘unpopular in Mt Kenya’:

Irungu Kang’ata warns Pres. Kenyatta of BBI unpopularity in Mt Kenya

Kang’ata: Only 2 out of 10 ppl support BBI in Mt Kenya

Irungu says BBI presented as a factional agenda in Jubilee. Senator cautions against use of provincial administration in BBI pic.twitter.com/K7KKdfTkd4


Meanhile Shrine Warrior explains why are politicians quiet on Senata Irungu Kangata’s letter to President Uhuru over state of BBI in Mt Kenya region

1. It was addressed to President

2. It was copied to Tuju and Murathe

3. It was copied to Phogisio and Kimunya

4. Kangata hasn’t denied authoring the letter or retracted or apologised for its content.

5. None of the people he has addressed responded yet

6. BBI Secretariat hasn’t spoken

7. BBI is a Government Project. Government spokesman hasn’t talked about the letter

8. None of ODM Member of Parliament or Senate has commented.

For Political leaders to respond all interested parties must come out very clear.

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