Mixed reactions after Elsa Majimbo revealed Kenyans rejected her for the dark skin-tone

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Elsa Majimbo is one funny character. Literally.  But unfortunately she never got the support she deserves by her fellow Kenyans; who unfortunately prefer Ronoh Chebet over her.

Not in a mean way or anything but truth is, it’s taking Kenyans a little longer to understand her English jokes; which are more understood by South Africans who have been supporting for her career for the longest time.

According to a few Kenyans on social media, Elsa’s targets wealthy kids in most of her jokes; and this why we have seen even Caucasians enjoying what she has to offer through her videos shared online.

Kenyans react

Well after her interview with Naomi Campbell Kenyans now feel that Elsa may have overreacted or rather over stretched the truth hence making them look like mean animals.

Responding to the colourism accusations; many pleaded not guilty but applauded Elsa for making use of this opportunity that will work in her favor one way or another.

Others laughed off at the fact that she assumed her dark skin tone is the reason Kenyans don’t support her. I mean with the likes of Catherine Kamau, Stivo Simple boy, Wahu, Butita, Mulamwah and others doing so well despite being dark; I wonder whether they would have played the ‘dark card’ if things did not work their way.

Anyway below are a few screenshots from Kenyans responding to Elsa’s colourism accusations.

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