My Girlfriend, Who Left Me After I had Paid All Her Fees, Came back When I met This Man

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At times you might be deeply in love and ready to die for the one you love, that is what I call  true love, that doesn’t come easily on a silver plate, finding the one to show such kind of love is  not easy as you may think it’s hard. It takes patience perseverance and trust. 

My name is jackstone a middle aged man learned and fully graduated with a master’s degree in  education, while in Campus in year two I met a young lady by the name jemutai, she was a first  year by then taking education, I was in the Christian union by then from time to time we could  

meet after the service and say bye to each other, we became friends fully and got used to each  other, I reached a point where I could invite her for dinner and take her for an outing thereafter,  we got used to each other and I started to feel being In love although I had not proposed to her I  kept her so close via phone conversations that kept us so close something I really enjoyed. By  then I was a final year student, i had completed everything, and she was still a student then, I  decided to let her know that I cared for her and wished to be by her side, one evening I  welcomed her to dinner that she turned without delayed after having little wine and gained some  courage thereafter on my knees I did proposed to her, and did asked her if she could be my  girlfriend, she was hesitant a little but she accepted. 

Some months later I graduated and luckily got myself a job, she could come at my place on  weekends and leave on Sundays late in the evening, one day she called me and told me that she  wished to ask for a favor from me physically, I gave her an ok and met her the following night at  a restaurant in Nairobi central business district, after a short conversation, she said that she was  not going to seat her second year final examination since she lacked school fees, she informed  me of her parents inability to manage pay her fees. I pitied her and decided to pay her school fees till she completes her university education. perhaps she was my future wife and me helping her I  would be helping myself, that was one thing I told myself every time I went to the bank to pay  school fees. Little did I know there was a big disappointment waiting, she finished her education  too and earned a well-paying job in one of the biggest companies in Nairobi. We were still dating  by then, a year later, her behavior changed she was not the same again, and she never turned out  to my place nor even bothered to call me. I thought she was busy at work, little did I know she 

was dating some other man, a friend told me he saw her with a man at a local Club severally; I  never thought she could play me with another man despite all the sacrifice I did to her. 

I decided to inquire myself and that when i found out that she had another man, I found her ready  handed with his new lover at a club, when I confronted her and asked why she was cheating on  me, she spat on me and told me that I was dirt to her and that she had found her suit. I could not  believe that I confronted the but since he was stronger than I was whipped thoroughly and  thrown out of the club, it was such a painful experience. I could not believe after all I did to her  she could do that, I really loved her so I decided to seek a help from a herbalist doctor kiwanga who had helped me before, I called him and told him everything and that I wanted my lover  back, he promised to bring her back in just a few days, he did cast a love spell and told me to be  calm. A few days thereafter I got a call from my girlfriend informing me that she wanted to come  back. I allowed her the following morning I had a knock at the door, when I went to check it was  her down on her knees she apologized and promised to marry me, the man she had married had  gone mad. I talked to the doctor and the man returned to normalcy; thanks to kiwanga doctors I  have my lover back  

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