Stop dating broke girls, you are also very important – Aoko warns men

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It is a cinch; young Kenyan women are not looking for relationships; rather, they angle for poverty alleviation schemes.

Their often flimsy standards of ‘tall, dark, intelligent, funny’ drop the moment a rotund dinosaur, criminal; Nigerian drug peddler, Congolese pimp, or corrupt government official winks their way- as long as he can improve their financial status.

The preposterous bit is that they keep throwing hubris with wanton abandon on the faces of their male mates working their way up the socio-economic ladder, chiding them as broke and consequently unworthy of getting laid or dated.

So, here is the deal, it is about time gents also give a wide berth to the broke damsels who think the sun rises and sets in the dead Indians hair they have mounted on their heads with ‘Blessers’ money

Here is why…

They are the most ungrateful species in the dating system

This clique of ‘babe nitumie, swty nibuyie’ are the most ungrateful lot. The most tedious job she has ever done is staring at the ceiling while carrying a pot-bellied Zaddy or suck-starting some near-death ancestor so how would she know money is not plucked on trees?

You save for months to buy her an iPhone but she still wants you to send airtime consistently. Take her out at a place she cannot afford to eat at from her own resources and her mannerless behind will still opt for the most expensive stuff on the meals or drinks menu

Most Are Basic and Vaunt Nothing But Made-up Faces

There is political animosity brewing in the country? They do not care

Many have lost jobs post covid-19 pandemic? Oops, that is your business. All they care about is sourcing for bundles so that they can spend hours on shady, trivial, balderdash ridden groups like chit chats where there is nothing but gossip and sewage

Women are out here gaining traction in life through talents, business acuity, cerebral wherewithal et al; these other ones are courting clout through endless selfies, nudes, and calling their male mates broke and lazy on social media just because their male age mates do not get screwed for weaves.

Morals are tucked inside their ‘nitalala wapi’ handbags

Girls who are busy earning their ‘bread’ albeit small have no time partying from Monday to Monday, waking up in different beds every weekend.

Girls busy building their legit careers and academic profiles have no business being jumpy on social media, inboxing random men, and twerking all over

Serial ‘Beggars’

They will never call but will flash, even when you have sent them airtime; always asking for lunch money, Uber money, salon money- rent money

Will Never do anything for You

Broke or not, these women will never do anything for you as a man. But will demand the world from you. The much you can get on your birthday is a Sh200 boxer and bland sex. On her birthday, she expects a candlelit dinner, flowers, perfume, and cash

Point out the lie?

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