Why Kikuyus are against BBI, they have nothing to lose, they want a thriving economy not POWER

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When your back is on the Wall, the only thing you can do is to fight back

I recently saw a video of an innocent looking Cat turning against a Woman that had pushed it to the corner.

That is what usually happens when life and situations push you to the corner.

When options run out.

When you are about to be rendered homeless.

When you are left with no option, but fighting back.

When the Siege of Samaria was at its peak, the four Lepers asked themselves, if we remain here, we will die. If we go to the military camp, we will also die……. But there was a chance of survival.

So, they started the Journey of Faith, and God amplified their steps.

And they ended up saving their City.

Several years back, I was facing a similar January Siege.

I had huge Bills to pay, and my business was not doing well.

In my night meditation, an idea came to me. In the morning, I reached out to five people, and that is how my Media business started.

I was pushed to the corner by circumstances, and I asked myself. “What do I have to lose, now that I’m already down?”

I rose up, dusted myself, and reached for strategic help.

Never take your Siege for granted.

Always look out for opportunities in your troubles.

Many great ideas come from ruins.

Out of the ashes, you will get glory.

Never look at your troubles as the end of the road. But look at them as an opportunity for something new.

Additional comment:

Ordinary Kikuyus are not keen on BBI, they don’t care about political power, they just want a thriving economy and end poverty.Well, BBI is for the oligarchs, the holoi polloi dont really care and they may cast their lot with the hustler come 2022- that is Hon Kangata message to Uhuru.

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