Why schools must reopen as soon as possible, most teenagers are now criminals, twerkers, vibarua, boda boda riders

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We are now done with the December holidays. The season of madness has come to a screeching halt

Before these holidays, we had even longer holidays, since students were home, teachers were home, and at some point almost everyone was at home. It has been raining and flooding holidays

Now, we seriously need a holiday from these holidays. Schools must now reopen for learning. There shouldn’t be any debate about that. Prof Omore Magoha must now reopen these institutions, without any second thought

If it is risky to have our children in school, then we have indeed confirmed that it is equally risky to have them at home. My son Padjos Mwana N’Djili has been roaming around showcasing his wrestling skills, and if keeping him home was meant to separate him from others, then the intended objective wasn’t achieved

Teachers will also have a hard time, dealing with retired bodaboda, quarry workers, hawkers, etc, as students. When schools closed, these children converted, into temporary adult citizens, lived like adults and it may not be a walk in the park, factory setting them back into school children, for learning

Here teachers must act more like PTI instructors of RTS, if any learning is to happen again. The government is also being blamed for lack of preparedness, in as far as compliance to the COVID-19 protocol is concerned

It is unrelialistic of anyone to expect the ministry to have an instant coffee solution to the effects if COVID-19 on the sector. It hasn’t been possible anywhere in the world

It is a logistical nightmare that overwhelms our capacity. With close to a thousand students, my school Aligula needs at least 50 classes to conform the COVID-19 social distancing protocol. Currently, the school has only 16 classrooms. To adhere, to the recommendations of the taskforce, of 20-25 in each class, some 34 classrooms must be built

Going by the avarage cost of putting up one class, it will require some 17 million shillings, which is an avabrage 400 billion, for the more than 20k schools for the entire country

Aligula has no space to contain the 34 new classrooms so land must be bought and finally, the school will require at least 20 more teachers for the new classes!

It is easy to shout at the government without considering the details. Rwanda has built 20k classrooms and this has really angered Kenyans

In Kenya, that’s an additional one class for each school, which doesn’t change anything. Corona has messed up the entire world, blaming Magoha is being unrealistic

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By Jerome Ogola via FB

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