Comedian Eddie Butita blasts Jalang'o for disrespecting Omosh during interview

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- Jalang'o held an interview with struggling Omosh to speak about his troubles and the reactions from Kenyans

- During the interview, Jalang'o asked Omosh to seat on an ottoman and allow politician Ali Nur to join the talk

- Butita and fellow podcasters felt this was a show of contempt towards Omosh for not being as rich and influential as the politician

In the said interview where Omosh was the guest, an incident took place where Jalang'o asked the actor to offer his posh seat to politician Ali Nur.

Ali was to speak on how he was to assist the struggling Omosh and after occupying the guest's seat, the actor had to sit on a round ottoman that was next to the said seat.

During the SPM Buzz podcast, many of the podcasters led by Butita argued that Omosh was shown contempt by being asked to move from the guest's seat while the focus was on him.

Butita claimed this was because Omosh - being a 'poor man' - did not deserve a high level of respect that the rich politician was awarded.

"Personally, removing Omosh from the seat and putting him on a jerrican, I felt it wasn't ideal and even how he was removed from the seat also," he said.

One of the lady podcasters added this was a show of admiration to those that have money over those considered poor by society.

The comedian's comment section was filled with fans offering different opinions on the topic. Here are some of the reactions:

 Omosh will not be losing sleep over the 'sitting arrangement' however, as he continues to receive massive support from Kenyans all over.

Earlier, TUKO.co.ke reported that the actor got huge offers with one being from Zero Hero Properties who handed him a piece of land.

The land donation was followed by yet another offer from Sung Timber who offered to build him a house on the land he was awarded.

The thespian was all smiles as he took to social media on Thursday, February 18, to announce that the groundbreaking for the building of his house was scheduled for Friday, February 19.

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