When Uhuru stopped Ruto from killing Raila, it was a do or die!

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Raila Odinga’s Uhuru Park swearing-in separated the chaff from the grain. One man ensured that caurage’ was completely drained from Weta, Muda and Kalonzo,

William Ruto continuously spoke to each of the above invoking their historical relationship.

“We have been together longer than you have been with Raila. Why would i fail to warn you of danger of this magnitude?” Ruto told them according to my mole.

According to Ruto all the four were going to be killed. Dr David Ndii who shared a moment with the three said; “I have never seen anybody that scared”.

Ruto had ordered the police to ensure that nothing took place. Remember that uhuru kenyatta was out of the country. Raila’s intelligence new about sinister plots by Ruto that would have been devastating in lose of lives but accepted to pay the price.

Raila had already made this resolve clear in Homabay when he sung a song that send all weeping.

The song

Sometime ago in the history of the Luo, rain failed for so long so the gods asked for a sacrifice. They asked for a beautiful girl. The community picked one. As she was being taken away for sacrifice, she sung a song accepting her sentence for the sake of the survival of the community. B4 the swearing in, Raila had a rally where he just sung the song and stepped down. People cried with him hence the suicidal turnout at Uhuru Park.

Uhuru Park.

Truth is people were going to die but Uhuru decided to over rule his deputy making the exercise a success. We had big mouths and architects. Orengo, Junet, kajwang, ongwen were among the brains. Big mouths did their part too. Simiyu Katiambo , Philip Etale Oginga Randiki Anisa Hope Mwakio Mukuru Wa Kimeruu Machumaa DrNkule Laibuta Tuffy Nyoredo Kisero Maneno T Mwikwabe Nabwera Nabii, Mukhongo Collins Peter Owino Ranginya

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