Dirty games of betrayal within handshake, deep state doesn’t want Raila!

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BETRAYAL is the hallmark of Kenyan politics. Many have been betrayed before and many more will be betrayed in future

Rayila was being fattened for slaughter. He has now come to the abattoir

It has ended in premium tears. The hyena now wants to eat her cubs, but first, she must accuse them of smelling like goats

The handshake has been wheeled to from the ICU to the morgue. It is as dead as a dodo. Luwere handshake

I had predicted that Uhuru will act a pendulum. He will swing left to the side of Rayila, to please him.and his followers, then swing left to appease Ruto and his followers, but eventually, he will settle in the middle, away from the two

It has happened. Nabii Wa Wanyonyi is rarely wrong. A leopard cannot hide her spots for long

This should be a very mild setback, in comparison to the three rigged elections. Again Jakom and his mujahideen are supposed to have developed heavyweight shock absorbers, after suffering a series of disappointments over the years

We having been crying for long. We hardly have any more tears left, even a drop

On top, Kenyans are excited by new things. The handshake is now tattered and battered, and we need new thrilling formations, as we go into another election. All isn’t lost, it gave Jakom a platform to reinvent himself and rejuvenate his chances

Great afternoon my fellow Hoof-Eaters!!

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