Dear Men: Here Are Signs That Your Bedroom Game Needs Improving

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The weekend is here and most people will be showcasing their bedroom skills with their partners or with their side chicks.

Whoever you chose to do it with is none of my business.

The truth of the matter is that t some women will be crying foul especially after realizing that they were promised to reach Canaan only for the journey to end in Kangemi.

So men in case your bae comes over for the weekend and then disappears after that then your bedroom game might be wanting.

Here is how to identify your skills need improving

 If she fakes an orgasm

Men one way to know that you need to pull up your socks is when your woman fakes an orgasm just to soothe your ego.

A real orgasm does not need an explanation, but if you constantly have to ask her ‘babe umec*m’ then rudi shule.

If she never wants to see you again

When your woman goes mute on you after a Twa Twa session just knows your performance was below par.

No woman wants bad sex. So the next time a woman does that improve your skills and look for her and have a re-match.

If she comes back again and again jua umescore point if not just stick to your lane.

Imagine wasting pesa ya cab, your time, and energy just to go get a one-minute session.

If she never brags about how good you are to her friends

Let no one lie to you, if a woman does not tell your friends about how marvelous your bedroom skills are just know you need to improve.

Women tell each other even the dirtiest of secrets.

They will discuss how long you can last, how loaded you are, and how well you know how to use your tools.

If she does not do that then she might be embarrassed and does not want to expose your ‘disability.’

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