“I was trying to defend myself” – The lady who killed her KDF soldier husband tells police despite stabbing him several times and biting him like a vampire.

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Violet Asele, the lady who killed her husband in Kahawa Wendani, now claims that she was trying to defend herself after a fight broke between her and her deceased husband, Dan Omollo, who was a KDF soldier.

Speaking from police custody, Asele claimed that her husband tried to suffocate her after a domestic dispute, and in defense, she pushed him to the wall and he collapsed.

“Hajastabiwa hata kidogo. Hakuna hata alama ya kisu wala kugongwa [He wasn’t stabbed and he doesn’t even have a stab wound]. My husband fainted.

“Katika ile harakati ya sisi kung’ang’ana mimi nilitoka nje ye akabaki ndani (bedroom) [During the scuffle I freed myself and left him in the bedroom].

“Katika ile hasira yake yeye anaendaga akiangusha vitu kwa nyumba. Alibaki kwa bedroom, akaanza kuvunjana na …, sasa siwezi jua alijigonga wapi [When he gets angry he likes throwing things in the house and self-harming]…” she said and denied that she stabbed him, despite DCI detectives confirming that his lifeless body had stab wounds.

“After like five minutes, he called out saying he was having difficulty breathing. He started holding his stomach, I don’t know where he hit himself,” she added.

Asele is expected to appear in court tomorrow as investigations surrounding the soldier’s death continue.

The body of the deceased soldier was moved to the Kenya Defense Forces Memorial Hospital mortuary pending a postmortem.

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