“My wife should know AMBER RAY is a blessing, I was a serial cheater before I met her” – JAMAL confesses.

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Flamboyant city businessman, Jamal Roho Safi, has confessed that he was cheating on his wife with multiple women before he met socialite Amber Ray and changed his behaviors.

Speaking in an interview on Jalang’o TV, Jamal said that he would spend Ksh 50,000 per day on different women until Amber Ray came into his life.

“Before I met Amber, I was living a very expensive life; I used to spend Sh 50,000 per day on women. 

“I had a lot of different women. Today, I can meet one and I might not remember her. 

“My wife should know Amber is a blessing. 

“She came into my life and I changed a lot of things. 

“She showed me everything I need. 

“I used to be a loner and that is the most dangerous man,” he said.

“I used to travel a lot, going to Nanyuki or Mombasa and I would meet women there. 

“But Amber understood me and I stopped all the bullsh*t. 

“I gave her all my social media passwords and she manages them. 

“Men have a ‘whore phase’, a stage where they sleep with different women without any reason, “he added.

 He also advised his fellow rich men saying, “It is much better for a man to have two official wives than have many women. 

“This life has no rehearsals and if you have a second wife keep it official.”

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