‘Vaa nguo, komesha ubakaji’ Kamene Goro called out by fan for stepping out in tiny mini-dress (Photo)

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Kamene Goro has good taste when it comes to dressing and styling her outfits. So far she is ranked among the most stylish media personalities; and hey – we cannot refute this judging the many thirsty comments left on most of her photos.

Kamene Goro’s short dress that has sparked a debate online

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Apart from adding just a little weight over the years; Kamene Goro has grown into a fine lady most men cannot handle. Of course she is a boss and unlike most women who pay attention to critics – Kamene is clearly repellent to bad vibe.

Well, on Tuesday, 6th April the Kiss FM radio host left many ogling her fine well built legs after stepping out in tiny shirt-like dress; and boy was Kamene looking like a hot snack in winter. From the photo it’s obvious to tell that most fans were not just captivated by the long legs and arces of skin displayed – but class!

Haters gonna hate

With everyone praising and leaving thirsty comments under the photo; there just had to be one hater ready to dim Kamene’s shine.

Well, as seen on the post one lady went on to suggest that Kamene Goro’s short dress is the main reason she would get raped; a statement that disgusted a whole lot of followers who couldn’t stay quiet about this comment.

Imagine!!!! How are you respecting men in that building? Sasa u and Shakilla where is the difference let me assume u forgot and reported at work in a night dress 😏 vaaaaaa nguo komesha ubakaji kwa jamii

To which she responded by saying;

@graciouse_success ubakaji inaingia hapa wapi? My dress is preventing rape from ending  ama? Women like you are the problem in our society, my dress has nothing to do with rape prevention.

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