GUARDIAN ANGEL clears the air on claims that he married his 51-year-old Kamba wife, ESTHER NTHENYA, to chop her money.

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Youthful gospel singer, Guardian Angel, has been facing criticism on social media over claims that he was just after money when he fell in love with his 51-year-old wife, Esther Nthenya, an employee of the United Nations.

Esther Nthenya is almost the same age as Guardian Angel’s mother but despite their huge age difference, they treat each other like teenage lovers.

Speaking in an interview with famous YouTuber Mungai Eve, the 31-year-old gospel singer put it clear that his love for Nthenya is genuine and not based on material things.

“I feel like I am genuinely lucky because of love. I don’t care about what this person (Esther) has. 

“It is only that I attracted someone who has money. You can only attract something that you can sustain. 

“God has given me someone I can sustain,’’ he said.

He further stated that if he was after Nthenya’s money, she would have noticed the first two months they started dating.

“If was after money, she would have detected that in the first two months we started dating but we have been together for a whole year.

“If I was after her money, she could have dumped me already,” he added.

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