‘Bado Sitambui’ Amira Explains Why She Refuses To Acknowledge Amber Ray As Co-wife

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The battle between co-wives Amira and socialite Amber Ray seems to be a perennial one and no one among them is ready to back down. The issue between them remains unsettled even though they’re sharing the same hubby, Jimal; who seems to be enjoying this since he hasn’t resolved the matter.

According to Amira, being the 1st wife to Jimal means she has to be informed first before any other marriage takes place. And this was not the case when it came to marrying Amber Ray.

Amira Speaks

For this reason, Amira has denied to acknowledge Amber Ray as her co-wife. She claims that she was not informed about any wedding, nor engagement of Jimal and Amber.

Amira disclosed this in an interview on Chatspot with Nana Owiti and Kush Tracey;

”Ni sawa. Mimi kwanza nitasema. Mimi sikuona harusi… Harusi ndio hatujaona. Alafu na documents na nini ziko wapi? So mimi kwanza siezi sema nina mke mwenza. Bado sitambui”

Jimal’s engagement to Amber Ray happened in March this year and Amber was introduced to his family.

Despite all the beefing, Amber Ray and Amira are immediate neighbors; maybe it’s time for them to sit and settle their differences.

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