NYAKUNDI fires a salvo at KHALIGRAPH JONES after only 300 people attended his show in America.

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Khaligraph “The OG” Jones seems to be taking constructive criticism the wrong way. From his reaction to Wizo Tano Nane’s Jordan Mbwakni rant, to now this lady who told him he’s slowly being forgotten, The OG seems to be in a state of denial. 

Recently he was in the US and did a show with only 300 fans in a bar. We could tell from the optics that he was staying in a very basic hotel and was occasionally hosted by Kenyans in Diaspora. 

Speaking of which, Kenyans in the US have been a critical factor in the growth of local music. Back when Caroline Mutoko, Maina Kageni, DJ Adrian, and other radio veterans choked our spaces with soul music by playing the same twenty songs on heavy rotation, Kenyans in Diaspora embraced local talent and hosted the likes of Nameless, Amani, Nyashinski, Bamboo, CodeRed DJ Stylez, to concerts. 

Of late Kenyans in Diaspora have not been actively supporting local artistes. Why? Well since Uhuru and the Kenyatta family nightmare begun, the economy has collapsed under the weight of their looting coffers with reckless abandon. Kenyans in Diaspora have had to support their families back home with cash, especially during the pandemic period when Uhuru has stolen over 1 Trillion in donor funds. 

In March alone, Kenyans in Diaspora remitted a whopping Kshs. 31 Billion, money which largely went to paying extortionist hospital bills for Covid patients and funding funeral expenses. 

Central Bank of Kenya Governor Patrick Njoroge has been gloating about these remittances with no honor or shame, trying to project them as an economic activity. 

They have now topped coffee, tea and tourism as leading foreign exchange earners, industries which have been deliberately killed by Uhuru and Ruto due to over-regulation, excessive taxes and sheer stupidity. 

8-4-4 remains an active crime scene, being that it has conditioned Kenyans to ignore such glaring infractions and instead focus on God/Prayer as the solution, thanks to CRE/IRE being embedded in the curriculum. Corrupt clergy have exploited this ignorance to hawk their congregants to the highest bidder, by allowing politicians to address their congregations at a fee. 

Nothing exhibits Kenyan stupidity like predominantly Kikuyu and Kalenjin mentality, which dictates that they want to vote for William Ruto as the solution to the UhuRuto horror movie. Kenyans in Diaspora need to freeze support to their families back home who publicly profess their love for Ruto because they will be killing the country and fully dependent on remittances. 

Khaligraph Jones himself led a team of artistes and creatives to the Deputy President’s home lobbying for the lifting of the lockdown and curfew imposed by President Uhuru Kenyatta, ostensibly to sell his failed BBI to a subdued population. Khaligraph cannot seem to relate his waning popularity and dwindling street-cred to that fateful trip to Karen. 

Kenyan celebrities have a severe shortage of brains. When it comes to politics, they seem overwhelmed by the power it emits. They drop their guard and discard logic diving head straight. They don’t consult their management teams and weigh the pros and cons of brand damage to identifying with politicians. 

Khaligraph needs to reinvent himself after that misplaced tour to William Ruto’s home. Young kids like Wizo Tano Nane no longer see a hero or inspiration in him and can openly confront him because they can see that he is lacking in intellectual substance. He’s all about fame and clout. 

Save yourself Khaligraph Jones before it’s too late!

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