Vera Sidika Shuts Down People Claiming Her Pregnancy Is Fake (Screenshot)

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Socialite Vera Mung’asia is taking pride in showing her baby bump to netizens after being criticized for years for not getting pregnant. Finally, after the long wait, Brown Mauzo managed what other men previously didn’t achieve.

Fake Pregnancy?

Well, there have been speculations that Vera’s pregnancy is a fake. Most of these are backed up by the fact that her belly button is not protruding.

Vera has however claimed that not all pregnant women have their belly buttons protruding. In response to the same, she wrote on her Instagram;

”I’ve seen a lot of people claiming my pregnancy is fake coz my belly button is not sharp and pointing like an arrow. Girl! This how my belly button looks like on a normal day before pregnancy. U can literally see a hole. It’s tiny & very much inside. So I don’t know how y’all expect it to be pointy. Maybe coz y’all used to seeing people with big or protruding navels.


Well, I’m different and love my uniqueness🥰♥”

Because of bleaching her skin, Vera has also received criticisms that she might give birth to a dark skin baby. We’re yet to know the gender of Vera’s unborn baby. But one thing’s for sure, she’s going to make an awesome mum.

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