Why I will never fight Raila Again, he is wiser- Gov. Ngilu says

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~Charity Kaluki Ngilu.

I have fought Raila.I have worked against him.I have opposed Raila by all means before.I have joined meetings to plan against his progress.

I have chaired some meetings called to block his ways by all means.Throughout all this time,he has remained a constant..as politicians join and leave,that revolutionary who has spent all his life fighting for change,that fighter who was jailed for over 9 yrs for fighting for the oppressed.

After all these I made a different stand,Not just to join him,but to stand up for Kenya.

Even when age is catching up with him,Raila proves smarter,wiser,stronger and more passionate for his people..the pressure and problems he goes through cannot be contained by even younger people.Raila has spent all his life fighting for revolution.

He has been called ‘Joshua,He has been in the battle field for years.Sooner or later Raila will be out.On this day the politics of Kenya will shift.You will know how helpless it feels to be in a country where you are neglected but no one has the guts to stand up and fight for you.

Confidence shall have been lost on the government.Elections voter turnout at 12 percent but no one cares.Then there shall come financial misapropriation and government scandals.Kenya shall be divided into two,the 1st class citizens and the rest.Resource allocation and economic development shall follow this grouping.Devolution shall be voted out..By then Odinga may be long gone,Ngilu may be long gone.. but the generations will toil. ..

I,Ngilu have seen the revelation.I have been to the moon.So when l see a young man call Raila, ‘self centered,imposter,evil and power hungry..l pity you…l pity my sons and daughters, I pity my country.



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