Mulamwah Responds To Allegations Of Being Sponsored By Mzungu Woman

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After flaunting huge chunks of notes a few days ago, Mulamwah found himself under the cloud for having such amount of money from comedy. Gospel artist Ringtone led critics in analyzing Mulamwah’s source of wealth, claiming that he was being sponsored by a mzungu.

Mulamwah claimed that the money, amounting to Ksh 700,00, was meant to buy his first piece of land. In the video he posted 3 days ago, Mulamwah also encouraged youths to invest and avoid mis-using funds.

”GOD IS GREAT . !! 🙏🙏

today i am going to buying my first ka shamba. Its all possible , nomatter what, just believe, pray and put in work .To more wins 💪.Foot on pedal .

Youthmen : investment is key . Sherehe baadae . KONKI !!”

Hours later, Ringtone shut him down by saying he is showing off money that he spends in a week.

Mulamwah Responds

Mulamwah has now come to defend himself on his Insta stories, claiming that the mzungu lady was just one of his fans.

He wrote;

”She was a fan among the many who came to watch the quarantine comedy club show. People miss-judged.”


Despite the allegations, Mulamwah also has his own boda-boda business; which is a side hustle apart from comedy. He’s currently expecting a baby with his girlfriend Sonnie.

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