Prof HAMO reveals his baby mama, JEMUTAI, almost pushed him into depression last year: I slept in the car for two months.

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Churchill Show comedian, Professor Hamo, has revealed that he slept in his car for two months last year after falling out with his baby mama and fellow comedian, Jemutai.

Hamo decided to walk away after Jemutai openly disrespected him.

Narrating the incident that led to their fallout, Hamo said that they had agreed that she won’t attend a night party that she had been invited by a friend.

However, she left the house without his consent and went to the party with her friends.

When Hamo came home from work, he found that she was not there.

As a man of the house, he felt that Jemutai was disrespecting him.

“Someone had called her for a birthday party and I was against it. We had agreed she won’t go to the party. 

“After I went home from work, someone called me and told me she was partying with friends. As the man of the house I felt disrespected,” Hamo said.

Hamo revealed that after a heated argument with Jemutai, he picked some of his belongings and lived in his car for two months.

“I left for two months and was living in my car. Covid came banks were asking for their loans to be paid, jobs slowed down and salaries were slashed. 

“I would go to the gym not because I wanted to be fit, but I would go there to take a shower,” he added.

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